What our Customers say...


I was confident in the knowledge and professionalism of the SERVPRO® of Lexington/Thomasville's on-site personnel who performed the services at my home.

A couple of weeks ago, right after the multiple days of freezing temps. I walked into a water disaster at one of our rental warehouses. Sprinkler system froze and busted. Thousands of gallons of water flooded our warehouse and mini-storage units.

I made one call for help in the clean up and dry out...
Thank you SERVPRO for your quick response and professionalism. Craig, your folks were great. Ceasar, Koury, Amy and Dave, I can’t say enough about their help in dealing with such a mess. You guys are the best.

The crew of SERVPRO of Lexington/Thomasville clearly explained the process of drying and restoring my home throughout the whole process and I would recommend them to all my family and friends.

The techs of SERVPRO® of Lexington/Thomasville were knowledgeable and I would use them again for any future cleaning or restoration needs.

The crew of SERVPRO® of Lexington/Thomasville were on-site quickly, they were courteous and attentive to the needs of our property.

Due to freezing drain pipes our laundry room flooded. Gave SERVPRO® of Lexington/Thomasville  a call and they were there in no time. Brandon and David did a super job!!!!! If you guys have any problems with fire, water or mold,give them a call. You will definitely be impressed.

Fantastic crew. 100 percent professional. Prompt service. Very polite fellas. They were very particular with our furniture and electronics. Not a wrecking crew,these fellas are the real deal. We had a gas hot water blow out a wet mess. SERVPRO was right on it. If you ever need a disaster clean up crew, please call SERVPRO of Lexington/Thomasville. One call and they took care of the rest. Great job. Thanks guys. You're the best!

SERVPRO of Lexington/Thomasville were prompt, courteous and polite.  They helped us throughout the entire process.

SERVPRO of Lexington/Thomasville's Emergency Response team was quite knowledgeable, well-trained and equipped to handle our loss

We were very pleased with SERVPRO® of Lexington/Thomasville. They showed up within one hour of call. Overall, I am very satisfied with the service provided by their technicians.

Awesome staff; quick & efficient!

The staff of SERVPRO® of Lexington /  Thomasville were courteous, polite and helpful throughout the duration of the job

SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville addressed the storm damage to our property quickly. We were impressed by their on-site personnel and we would recommend using SERVPRO again for future restoration and cleanup needs.

The SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville technicians were courteous, polite and helpful through the duration of the process and kept me informed every step of the way.

I love Betty!  She said she would ways take care of us if anything should happen to our property and she did!  I called the office and crews were on site take care of our water loss same day.  I wouldn't change anything!

I would use SERVPRO of Lexington/Thomasville again for any future restoration or clean up needs.  The boys were knowledgeable and professional.

I was very pleased with SERVPRO of Lexington/Thomasville's on-site personnel .  They were professional, prompt and answered all my questions

If I ever haven a problem I know who I am calling, SERVPRO

SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville was great!  The process was clearly explained and I would recommend them to all my friends and family.

I was impressed by the professionalism of the crew and I wouldn't change a thing.  Everything was excellent.

SERVPRO was very professional and courteous.  They clearly knew their job and I would recommend them to my friends, family and colleagues.

I would like to thank Betty and all the crew from SERVPRO Of North Davidson County for the excellent work they did at Affordable Suites here in Lexington. We had two water pipes that busted in one of the rooms, and they were quick to respond and took care of everything. Your hard work is appreciated.

I couldn't have asked for better than SERVPRO of Lexington and Thomasville.  I can't see how they could be better, they were great just as is!

Fast, professional, knowledgeable - highly recommend them if you have any disaster relief need - mine was water.

The crew of SERVPRO was polite and professional and I would recommend them to my family and friends

Working with these guys has made a normally very stressful time more tolerable. The team is top notch and is working with my insurance company to get things taken care of. Can't say enough good thing about Craig Harmon and his team.

Thanks for all your help! You and your team are the best!! I will recommend you all very highly!

SERVPRO of ND was fast and professional and provided great service.

Very happy with everything from start to finish.

SERVPRO® of North Davidson County was very professional, prompt and polite. I am very impressed with the level of service and could not have asked 
for better service.

SERVPRO of North Davidson County's personnel were prompt and polite.  They listened to my concerns and answered all my questions.  I could not have asked for better service

SERVPRO of North Davidson County was knowledgeable and professional.  I was impressed with their work and would recommend them to my family and friends.

SERVPRO of North Davidson provided excellent service! I was thrilled with the manor and professionalism in which all work was done. I was  surprised how fast the work was completed especially since I was out of town and was not there to witness.. This was my first experience with a water loss and I was grateful for SERVPRO of North Davidson  and I would recommend them to anyone.

Loved the work that SERVPRO of North Davidson County did for us. They cleaned the water up in our basement and were able to save the carpet without having to replace it. Thanks!

Bob and I want to thank you for the absolutely wonderful job that you and your crew did in the restoration of our home. Everyone was so professional, friendly, and efficient. I would recommend your company to anyone who needs and thank you again for the amazing work you did!

The damage would have been a whole lot more if the water had not been cleaned up so fast! After I reported the water leak to my agent-SERVPRO of North Davidson was here in an hour and 15 minutes!



All interaction with SERVPRO of North Davidson has served to reinforce every confidence in the professional and competent services they provide. I am a fan!

SERVPRO of North Davidson finished our crawlspace which had water and mold damage.  We appreciate all their help and the professionalism.

I was impressed with Tim and Craig and the services they provided.  They kept me informed through the entire process.  I would definitely recommend SERVPRO of North Davidson County.

The team from SERVPRO of North Davidson County (Craig Harmon, president) has just left after the final cleanup and re-placement of furniture downstairs, and I could not recommend them more highly. I am so thankful we called them and had the help of Cincinnati (via Mountcastle) in this nightmare experience!