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How to Safely Use Candles and Alternative Lighting during Power Outages

1/17/2024 (Permalink)

Power outages, whether caused by storms, natural disasters, or technical issues, are an eventuality that we occasionally grapple with. In times like these, candles often become our primary light source. Here at SERVPRO of Lexington/Thomasville, your go-to professionals for damage cleanup and restoration, we always advocate for safety first. That's why we've written a blog tackling the essential tips for safely using candles and investigating other alternative lighting you can use during power outages.

Safe Candle Usage: Light the Way Responsibly

Candles, with their flickering flames, offer more than just illumination; they provide comfort in the dark and an ambiance all their own. However, it's essential to remember the potential fire risk that they pose.

  1. Don't Leave Candles Unattended: Always be vigilant. Blow out candles before leaving the room, going to sleep, or if the flame becomes too high.
  2. Keep Flammables at Bay: Ensure that candles are placed well away from flammable objects such as curtains, books, paper, and fabric.
  3. Use a Stable Holder: Always use a sturdy candle holder placed on a stable, heat-resistant surface to protect against potential wax spills or accidental tip-overs.
  4. Keep Out of Reach: Place candles out of the reach of children and pets to avoid accidental burns or fires.

Alternative Lighting Options: Safety with Innovation

Let's explore some safer alternatives to candles when the power goes out:

  1. Battery-Powered Lights: Battery-powered lamps, lanterns, or even LED strip lights are safe, effective, and provide substantial illumination for indoor spaces.
  2. Flashlights and Headlamps: Keep a good stock of flashlights and headlamps—along with plenty of spare batteries. They're safe, portable, and ideal for focused, directional lighting.
  3. Solar-Powered Lights: Outdoor solar lights can be brought inside after dark to provide several hours of illumination.

Here at SERVPRO of Lexington/Thomasville, we strive not just to restore your homes and businesses post-disaster but to equip you with the knowledge to prevent them. By using candles and alternative lighting sources safely during a power outage, we can minimize the risk of fire and related damage.

However, if an unfortunate event does occur, remember that our team of experts is always ready to provide swift, professional cleanup and restoration services. Serving communities around the clock, we bring the comfort of making damage "Like it never even happened." 

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