Recent Before & After Photos

Water Damage in Lexington Hotel

This flooded hallway was the result of a broken handle in a hot water supply line. The resulting break caused the entire property to shut down. The property man... READ MORE

Mold in Thomasville Crawlspace

This moldy Thomasville crawlspace was the result of a slow water leak in this Thomasville home.  When the leak was discovered the homeowners call the exper... READ MORE

Storm Damages Utility Room in Winston-Salem

This Winston-Salem utility room was damaged due to a spring storm causing the homeowner to loose shingles and the result of that was water damage to the roof.&n... READ MORE

Fire Damages Welcome, NC Restaurant

This fire was the result of lights left on a display after the restaurant closed.  While structurally the building had very little damage you can see the s... READ MORE

Winter Storm Causes Kitchen Pipes to Burst in Lexington, NC

During a two week burst of snow and below freezing temperatures we had many calls due to frozen pipes.  The damage to this kitchen was caused by frozen pip... READ MORE

Mold in Arcadia, NC Basement

This basement is the result of a slow leak and warm weather.  The homeowner didn't go down to his basement for a few weeks and this was the result.  A... READ MORE

Flooded Bathroom in Salisbury Hotel, NC

This flooded bathroom was the result of a broken supply line.  This affected the entire three room suite of this hotel.  As you can see in the before ... READ MORE

Mold Damage in Thomasville Business

A furniture showroom encountered mold on a 100 linear ft long wall six weeks before furniture market as seen in the before picture. This company needs 4 we... READ MORE

Smoke Damaged Home in Thomasville

This smoke damaged home was the result of a  small fire one one room of the property.  Unfortunately the entire house was damaged due to smoke and soo... READ MORE

Water Damage in Lexington Home

This flooded home in Lexington was the result of a broken hot water supply line in the second floor bathroom.  The loss occurred just after the occupants l... READ MORE