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What Does IICRC Mean?

10/15/2018 (Permalink)

When you hear SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville’s employees are IICRC certified what does that exactly mean?  The IICRC is the gold standard for professional water damage restoration.  It literally wrote the book on the standards and procedures used to correctly dry water damage as well ad precautions to be aware of when performing water and sewage restoration in homes, businesses, offices and other structures.

While each water restoration is unique the IICRC describes the best methods to scope and restore and in some cases remove materials in your property such as carpet, drywall and more.  These guidelines an industry wide standard that should be used for the best possible outcome during your drying process.  These standards are based on research, practical experience and scientific principles. In addition to water damage the IICRC has guidelines for mold remediation, trauma / crime scene clean up, fire and textile restoration.

In addition to restoration standards the procedural guidelines the IICRC covers safety issues that could not only affect the property owner but the technicians as well.  This guide is ensures whatever disaster you have encountered our crew has the knowledge and skill to bring your property back to preloss conditions quickly and safely.

If you would like to learn more about all of SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville’s certifications please feel free to give us a call at 336-224-2565.

What Causes Puff Backs?

10/14/2018 (Permalink)

Now that fall is officially here the nights will become cooler and you may be tempted to turn on your heating system.  If you do you need to be aware of the possibility of a puff back.  What is a puff back you ask?  Puff backs are a misfiring of unburned fuel in the combustion chamber of a furnace, boiler, water heater, woodstove or fire place.  This misfiring can cause a black sooty substance to be sent through your home or business covering surfaces such as covering drapes, walls and more.

The first step if you experienced a puff back in your home or business is to call your insurance agent.  In many cases these types of losses are covered by your carrier.  The next step would be to call the professionals of SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville.  While you may be tempted to clean it yourself you must be careful.  Each type of fuel source affects materials differently.  While washing your grandmother’s quilt in your washing machine may work in one situation, it may permanently damage it in another.

Calling an expert is the best way to ensure those cherished items that can’t be replaced are restored.  SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville is your locally owned and operated restoration company.  Centrally located in Lexington we are faster to any disaster.  Call us today for your no cost assessment at 336-224-2565.

Why Choose SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville

10/5/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Why Choose SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville Centrally located in Davidson County SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville is faster to any disaster.

As a leader in the fire and water clean up and restoration industry SERVPRO has been helping people make fire, water, smoke and mold damage “like it never even happened” for over 50 years.  That is why the SERVPRO brand is one of the most trusted brands in the country today.

With all that experience and knowledge that is why SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville has become one of the most trusted restoration companies in Davidson County North Carolina.  With over 40 years of combined restoration experience our skilled technicians have the knowledge and compassion to handle almost any situation that they run across.  Locally owned and family operated SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville has been your go to restoration company since 2012.  Our only goal has been to leave our customers 100% satisfied.  While we realize this goal in unrealistic we know we are only as good as our last job and strive to improve each time we step on a job site.  We offer referrals to ensure you can trust you have the best company helping with your mitigation and restoration needs.

If you think your home or business has experienced a loss give us a call at 336-224-2565 for your no cost assessment.  At SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville we’re here to help.

When flooding Affects Your Clemmons Business

10/1/2018 (Permalink)

Many people think that when a hurricane threatens our coast the Piedmont of North Carolina has nothing to worry about.  If Hurricane Florence has taught us anything it is that hurricane damage can take many forms and travel hundreds of miles inland.  Hurricane Florence dumped an estimated 8 trillion gallons of water across North Carolina with an estimated 6-10 inches of rain across Davidson County.  In addition to the massive amount of water, down trees and wind damage caused additional issues in the area.

Knowing who to call when a disaster such as flooding strikes your Clemmons business is critical to getting your doors open quickly so you can resume normal operations.  SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville have over 40 years combined experience in the restoration industry. We can help you mitigate your water damage professionally and bring your business back to preloss condition.  And as tempting as it might be to handle the flooding issues yourself or let your regular maintenance staff complete the drying process it could cause additional problems down the road.  If the water damage is not dried correctly it could cause secondary damage delaying your business’ reopening but could cause mold damage in the long term.

With our no cost assessments and 24-hour emergency services make sure you have SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville contact information as part of your business’ emergency response plan.  For more details about our services or references please feel free to give us a call at 336-224-2565.

Understand the Water Loss in Your Welcome Home

9/7/2018 (Permalink)

Imagine you came home from work to discover your upstairs washing machine leaked and now your downstairs is flooded, and your ceiling is collapsing.  You call your insurance agent and they tell you to call the trusted professionals at SERVPRO of Lexington/Thomasville.  When our team of highly trained technicians enter your Welcome home, they will begin the to document the water loss, what areas of the home and property and what needs to be done to bring your home back to preloss conditions.

Once any standing water is removed our team will use a variety of tools to determine moisture in the affected areas of the structure, so we can determine the placement of equipment.  Some of the types of equipment used to determine how far the water traveled are moisture meters (penetrating and non-penetrating), thermal imaging cameras, infrared thermometers, hygrometer and borescopes just to name a few. All these items are used to determine the best possible plan to dry your home.

As you can see the restoration process relies more on science than ever before.  The strategic decisions made as the drying process progresses are critical to making your house a home again.  Please give us a call at 336-224-2565 if you or your family experiences a water loss.  We are available 24 hours a day to make it “Like it never even happened”.

Hurricanes: What You Need To Know

8/31/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Hurricanes: What You Need To Know Flooding is one of the many ways homeowners can be affected by hurricanes.

Hurricanes are very powerful storms that form over the warm ocean waters.  The Atlantic Hurricane Season runs from June 1 through November 30.  The peak season is from mid-August to late October.  According to North Carolina’s coast is one of the areas most open to direct hits due to our coastline extending further out into the Atlantic.  Hurricanes not only affect coastlines, but their impact can be felt hundreds of miles inland.  Some of the ways hurricanes can impact inland include but are not limited to flooding, high winds, severe thunderstorms and tornadoes.  

Unlike tornadoes which usually only give you minutes to prepare, hurricanes can give you days even sometimes weeks to prepare.  If particularly strong storm is expected to impact your community you must prepare your family for what could happen.  Explaining the possible affect of the storm to your family especially your children can help ease anxiety.  The next thing you should do prepare an emergency kit for each member of your family, including your pets.  Your kit should include any medicines, food, water, flashlights, batteries, cash, a hand crank or battery-operated weather radio and any important documents such as insurance policies stored in a water tight container.

Know what to do when a hurricane strikes is critical to keeping your home and family safe.  SERVPRO of Lexington/Thomasville offers free emergency response planning at

September is National Preparedness Month Are You Ready for Whatever Happens to Your Business?

8/24/2018 (Permalink)

Disasters and the resulting business interruptions the events cause can do more than just interrupt your work day. According to the US Department of Labor nearly 40% of businesses will never reopen after a disaster in the workplace.  That percentage jumps to over 50% if you include catastrophic storm damage to the equation.  No one plans on an emergency but with SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville’s free Emergency Readiness Program or “ERP” you can prepare for one. 

Why create an ERP?

Planning ahead speaks to the trust clients and employees have in your business and by preparing for an emergency it shows those same people the importance you place on them and you can demonstrate how serious you are in protecting what matters.

Our free mobile app focuses on response and recovery of your business thus makes it a perfect compliment to any other plan you may have in place.  A timely response during an emergency situation can minimize business interruptions associated with loss revenue and save you thousands of dollars in secondary damage.  How can something free do all that you ask?  The SERVPRO ERP complies all the critical information you would need in an emergency and has it available to you at the touch of your fingertips.

If you are interested in learning more about SERVPRO of Lexington / Thomasville’s  ERP Program give us a call at 336-224-2565 and schedule your appointment today.

We make your commercial loss "Like it never even happened".

8/24/2018 (Permalink)

Disasters at a commercial or business environment are highly complex and require a knowledgeable and flexible response. Whether we’re dealing with a small school campus or a medical facility, we work quickly to assess each unique situation and isolate the damaged area so that normal operations can continue in a temporary space while we restore your facility.

Our professionals are trained to be mindful of legal and environmental concerns and strive to fully restore our business provides a needed resource in the community and our job is to make sure you have a safe place to do just that.

Our extensive experience in handling all types of commercial restoration and cleanups has given us the ability to provide a variety of detailed services to fix your exact needs.  Some of our commercial services include, document drying, and restoration, biohazardous and vandalism clean up, mold mitigation free emergency response planning and as always fire and water cleanup an restoration

Please give us a call at 336-224-2565 to schedule an appointment to go over what SERVPRO has to offer.  We’re here to help.

Recognize flood damage before purchase

8/13/2018 (Permalink)

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, flooding is one of the more common types of natural disaster across the globe. In fact, 40 percent of all disasters around the world can be attributed to flooding. Flooding causes deaths and millions of dollars worth of property damage each year. So, if you're in the market for a big ticket item such as a car or home knowing what to look for is critical before you sign on the dotted line.

After a particularly damaging storm, an influx of used cars may be available for purchase. It's often up to buyers to ensure they aren't purchasing a vehicle with water damage. Recognizing whether a car or truck has been damaged by flooding is not always easy and can take a trained eye. However, certain indicators can alert prospective buyers that a vehicle was once submerged in water.

* Excessive rusting: Certain parts of a vehicle's undercarriage will rust over time, especially after exposure to weather and salt products used on roadways to combat slick surfaces. But excessive rust or flaking metal that would not normally be associated with a late-model vehicle suggests water damage. While examining the undercarriage, look for sediment, mud and plant matter that may indicate the car was once submerged in water.

* Discolored carpeting: Check for water stains on mats, on carpeting and throughout the interior of the vehicle. Another warning sign is a used car with brand new upholstery, which may indicate the interior of the vehicle was replaced due to water damage.

* Strange odors: Water damage can make a car smell like mold and mildew, not unlike a musty basement. 

* Fogging or water droplets: Water damage often leaves condensation behind in headlights and taillights. Fogging or droplets of water where they don't belong may indicate water damage.

* Water lines: Inspect under the hood for evidence of water. Rising water may stain metal components or leave behind a noticeable line after receding.

If you are looking to purchase a car and suspect flood damage request your mechanic to review the vehicle and voice your suspicions.  If you suspect the property you are looking to buy or rent has water or flood damage give us a call at 336-224-2565 for your no cost assessment.

Thomasville Manufacturer Affected by Flash Flooding.

8/4/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Thomasville Manufacturer Affected by Flash Flooding. After 8 inches of water in two days a Thomasville manufacturing plant experienced flash flooding in its warehouse and offices.

In the summer everyone expects to see an occasional rain shower or thunderstorm. But when a rain shower turns into a flash flood knowing who to call to prevent an interruption to your business is critical to your bottom line. And when this happened to a Thomasville manufacturing facility they knew to contact the professionals at SERVPRO of Lexington and Thomasville And we spring into action.

Our professionals quickly responded to this manufacturing facility to remove all standing water with our professional grade extraction equipment. At SERVPRO we realize that the secondary damage risk rises the longer the standing water remains. Some examples of secondary damage include mold, buckling hardwood floors, and sheetrock damage.

Once we remove the water from the 14 offices at this facility our trained technicians placed powerful air movers and dehumidifiers to continue the drying process. As the drying continued we explained each step of the drying process to the business owners. SERVPRO also provides detailed reports and moisture readings to insurance carriers and adjusters. Our transparent business model and ensures there are no surprises along the way. That’s why we mobilize and begin our drawing plan as soon as that first come out regardless of the time of day.

If you were Thomasville business needs emergency water extraction or if you would like to Learn more about our emergency readiness plan for businesses give us a call at 336-224-2565 today.